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Dental Cleanings

Regular dental exams are an important part of maintaining your oral health. During your regular exam, we will:

  • Check for any problems that you may not see or feel
  • Look for cavities or any other signs of tooth decay
  • Inspect your teeth and gums for gingivitis and signs of periodontal disease
  • Perform a thorough teeth cleaning

Performing these steps allows your doctor to identify issues at an earlier stage. If these issues were left untreated and undiagnosed they could end up costing time, money, and more pain.

How Long Do Dental Exams Take?

Your regular exam will take about 45 minutes. Each regular exam includes a detailed teeth cleaning, in which we will clean, polish, and rinse your teeth to remove any tartar and plaque that have built up on the tooth’s surface.

Why You Need to Schedule an Exam

Visiting Family Care Dental every six months gives you the chance to talk to your doctor about any questions you may have about your oral health. Regular exams are offered by appointment only, so please contact our practice today to schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning.

Full-Service Dental Center & Urgent Care Facility

Comprehensive dentistry starts with prevention and includes everything you need to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Find out for yourself today! Contact Family Care Dental to schedule a consultation today.